Dr. Marimer Pérez and her expert medical team provide fluent service in different languages (Spanish, Catalan, English and French) to provide expert care, with identical excellence to the foreign patients who desire it.

Likewise, the comfort provided by good communication in one's own language encourages trust and well-being between Dr. Marimer and her patients. 


Patricia Cerezo

Marimer accompanied us while I was pregnant with my first two children. The third was not born in her arms due to a simple matter of geography. Yet, there were many times when I wanted to cross those 11000 km that separated us so that I could relive the emotion of my first two pregnancies with her by my side. She is very professional, always listens and is always available. She makes good decisions when necessary, and always with a smile and affection. I was away from my family when I met her, but having her at my side at that time made up for the absence of my family.


Patricia Cerezo de Paulin


Mante Cicinskaite

I felt very well during the first days of my pregnancy. I was able to keep calm thanks to the monthly check ups and the help from Doc. Marimer. I felt completely sure about giving birth in Barcelona with Doc. Marimer's help. I was very happy because there was no stress and the language issue was solved - she speaks English perfectly.

The labour was really fast and easy. My husband and I were together. I had no stitches because of Doc. Mariner's professional job during labour.

2 days after the delivery, we returned home with a wonderful baby boy in our lives.

When we plan our next babies, our Doctor is definitely going to be the same person!

Thank you so much, dear Doc. Marimer, for this wonderful experience!


Mante Cicinskaite



When we found out that we were pregnant with our "Luna", we had no idea where to go or who to turn to. I`m from Germany and my boyfriend is from New Zealand, and we really wanted someone to whom we could talk with in our own languages, and understand everything perfectly.

Dr. Marimer was recommended to us by another Gynaecologist, who gave really positive references about Marimer, and the truth be told, we couldn't be happier.

Our pregnancy was not completely straight forward as I had had several operations on my stomach which left difficult scars inside and outside. Our daughter did not want to change position, she was sitting until the last moment and Marimer considered that it was possible that we have to carry out a caesarean which would have not been the easiest thing because of the scars. I wanted a natural birth soo much and was pretty upset about the possibility of the operation but Marimer gave us an absolutely secure feeling about everything!!

Finally my daughter changed to the right position and the birth was quick and easy in a relaxed atmosphere with a professional and caring team.

If we ever want a second child, there are not doubts about where to go here in Barcelona. 


Jessica Schiebeck