partoindividualizado1 The Individualised Childbirth is an exclusive service which guarantees the personal health care from Dr. Marimer Pérez during the entire pregnancy monitoring and her personal care during the delivery, at any time which it occurs, together with her Midwife, Pastora Bembibre.

This method also includes:

  • Prenatal Guidance:
    • Ultrasound Scan Study in each visit.
    • Ultrasound Scan screening
    • Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
    • Amniocentesis
  • Full-time monitoring of the pregnancy by Dr. Marimer Pérez (e-mails, calls, etc.).
  • Professional Advice:
    • Childbirth Preparation by the staff Midwife of Dr. Marimer Pérez
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Alternative Medicine (homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc.)
  • Homeopathic Childbirth Preparation Visit.
  • Personal preliminary interview with the staff Midwife of Dr. Marimer Pérez



Marimer managed our pregnancy and personally assisted our delivery last year in 2013. Even though we already had good references about her, our experience completely surpassed all our expectations. Her closeness, availability at any time regardless of holidays, weekends, etc. and above all her professional care helped to make the day of our child's birth (despite being a very long,  exhausting day...) and the entire pregnancy process the happiest moments of our lives. The great professional Midwife, Pastora Bembibre, was also a huge help, she normally assists many of the deliveries by Dr. Marimer. Her dedication, commitment and constant hard work during ALL those long hours made it possible for Paula to finally come into the world, full of life and without any complications. They make a unique Team which is wonderful to watch.

Overall, the difference in the professional fees which were paid separately from the mutual health insurance fee was completely justified when you personally witness and experience the dedication and interest which Dr. Marimer shows to her patients on a daily basis, even in the months after the childbirth. That is priceless.


Inma Moya


Valeria Herrero

I gave birth to my first daughter with Dr. Marimer in June 2013. The monitoring of the pregnancy was very special, and she was always very close and loving. Although there were some complications during the delivery, thanks to Dr. Marimer and her team, everything was perfect. Thank you so much.


Valeria Herero


Esther Pantoja

It is very complicated to find the words to describe our experience with Dr. Marimer and her Team. Let's begin by saying that it was WONDERFUL. She was a big change in our lives when we met her and helped us to achieve what we had desired for such a long time, to have our little Rober. Thanks Raquel for introducing Dr. Marimer into our lives. Our previous experience had been not easy, in fact it was quite torturous, with many visits to numerous Specialists who seemed to have no clue, we were on the verge of desperation at times and we were terribly exhausted after spending months and years, not knowing the right thing to do to face this situation. However when we met Dr. Marimer, our medical and emotional situation changed; everything came together, from the first minute, she showed her unconditional affection and support to us at all times; she provided medical guidance which no one else had given us until that time. She clearly described the steps we had to take at each time, and calmed us with her words and gestures; she promised to achieve what we so deeply desired. She inspired so much confidence right from the start, that we blindly trusted her, and we followed her advice and guidance until we finally achieved our goal.

In every visit, we discovered what an exceptional professional and splendid person she is. Thanks to all her help, we knew Dr. Marimer was the person who should be at our side during the most important moment of our lives, the birth of Roberto. So we decided to move from Madrid to Barcelona last February. On 3/3/14, our little baby boy blessed our lives in the hands of the best doctor that our boy could have, not to mention the outstanding team of medical professionals who helped us the entire time. We would also like to especially thank the Midwife, Pastora, for her affection, advice and great work. It is very easy to get along with Ms. Pastora because she makes you feel good, perfectly comfortable and at home at all times. She always takes care of your needs and is always there to share her wisdom and good advice. We will never forget you, Pastora, you have friends in Madrid for whatever you may need.

It is very likely that if we decide to have more kids, we will definitely place ourselves in your hands to accomplish our goal and be blessed with life's most valuable prize. Thank you Dr. Mer with all our hearts. We love you.


Hugs and kisses from your nephew, Rober, Esther and Roberto




We live in Madrid and when I got pregnant with our first child, my husband encouraged me to visit this gynaecologist in Barcelona, about whom I had received many excellent references from close friends and acquaintances who had given birth with her.

It is true that I felt vertigo thinking about my pregnancy being monitored by a doctor who was 600 Km away; but the first visit completely removed any doubts that I may have had in this regard. Her professionalism, dedication and commitment meant that distance was never a problem; her ability to communicate and adapt to my personal circumstances always made me feel very secure.

I am now in the 7th month of my second pregnancy and we knew that we would repeat the experience with her; you are guaranteed success if you choose Dr. Marimer.


Raquel Hernando


Teresa de Larosa

I have been a patient of Dr. Marimer since I was 12, even though she did not belong to the medical staff of my health care insurance. When I got pregnant, I knew that I wanted Dr. Marimer to assist me during the pregnancy and the childbirth regardless of the expense.

I deeply admire a lot of things about Dr. Marimer, the clarity of her explanations and her professional style, but above all, her closeness and affection as she clears up any doubts or worries during visits as well as by e-mails.

During the entire pregnancy, I felt like part of a team whose objective was to make the birth of my first daughter into one of the best experiences of my life. It is the best investment that I could have ever made and I plan on repeating the experience very soon.


Teresa de la Rosa




Carolina Vicente

Being a Mother is really an adventure. In reality, no one explains anything very well to you, nothing about what you will face, what the experience of the delivery will be like, what the little person will be like that you have been waiting for with so much excitement.

I am very grateful to Dr. Marimer; I couldn't have asked for a better companion before, during and after the delivery. In fact, I think that I was very lucky to have met her. She helped me to overcome my fear, understand the technical "doctor" things which scared me so much, above all when things didn't work out like they should have.

Thanks Dr. Marimer for always being there when I needed you. When Nico and Luca grow up, I will tell them about the Super Doctor who helped them to be born safe and sound.


Carolina Vicente