Parto Natural Natural Childbirth is a very specific request for women who want a non-medical and non-interventionist delivery.

The key which guarantees the success of natural childbirth is the doctor's absolute respect for the time which every woman needs to give birth and the complete trust and mutual commitment between Dr. Marimer Pérez and her patient.

Dr. Marimer guarantees her personal monitoring during the pregnancy and her medical care for the delivery, together with her Midwife, Pastora Bembibre, respecting the woman's will at all times, the couple's intimacy and always placing top priority on the maternal-foetal control.

The future mother must previously choose the posture and conditions in which she wishes to give birth and she will rely on the expert personal advice from Dr. Marimer Pérez

This method also includes:

  • Prenatal Guidance:
    • Ultrasound Scan Study in each visit.
    • 3D and 4D Ultrasound Scan
    • Ultrasound Scan screening
    • Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
    • Amniocentesis
  • Full-time monitoring of the pregnancy by Dr. Marimer Pérez (e-mails, calls, etc.).
  • Professional Advice:
    • Preparation for childbirth from the Midwife of Dr. Marimer Pérez
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Alternative Medicine (homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc.)
  • Homoeopathic Childbirth Preparation Visit. 
      • Pre-partum: Relaxation Techniques
      • 1st Post-Partum visit (mother, new-born baby)
  • Individualised visit to the Clinic where the delivery will take place: personal preliminary interview with the Midwife.  



Maria Llaó

Yes, it is possible to give birth after a caesarean delivery!!!! Pregnant with my second child, I deeply wanted a natural childbirth: I wanted to give birth to Gerard, my second son. I felt capable of doing it but with a previous caesarean, many thought that this would not be possible. I needed someone to support me, someone who could trust in me and then destiny allowed us to meet Dr. Marimer, the angel who shed light in our path. It was not only possible, it was absolutely wonderful. (photos of Gerard).

Three years later, I was pregnant again with my third child. Giving birth to Marc was a precious natural delivery, with intimacy and respect, where Dr. Marimer once again allowed my dream to become a marvellous reality. She is always very professional, so respectful and close; thanks for being the way you are. Thanks for being there. It would not have been possible without you.


Maria Llaó


mariacosta2After the pregnancy with my first son, Juan, in which I was hospitalised and medicated due to the risk of a premature delivery, the childbirth took place in a public hospital. It was a natural delivery but with very little respect. With my second child, I wanted things to be different and a good friend recommended Dr. Marimer. I feared that the pregnancy would also be as painful as the first, but this was not the case. Dr. Marimer understood me perfectly and accompanied me from the first symptom of risk. I gradually relaxed as the months of the second pregnancy passed because I felt supported by Dr. Marimer at all times. The delivery took place in a Barcelona clinic. I desired to have a natural and respected childbirth. And so it was. There was a before and after in my life after the birth of my second child. It was the maximum expression of commitment and mutual trust between Dr. Marimer and I. When she arrived, I was still in the clinic room as I felt Guim's head emerging. I felt free, comfortable and at home. Dr. Marimer's presence helped everything to flow smoothly with love and respect. It was a pleasure to have her by my side, because of the serenity, security and strength which she transmits. My son was peacefully born in the room and he laid on my chest until it was time to go the clinic. For me, it was the option most similar to delivering my baby at home. I hope that my experience will encourage other women, who may have doubts about which option to choose. I wanted a natural and consciously aware childbirth but I didn't want to deliver the child at home. And I did it. This option exists. The key is to attempt the delivery with all possible resources. As I gave birth in a natural and respected way, I felt a sensation of freedom, strength and femininity that I had never felt before as a woman. That is how I GAVE BIRTH to my son, Guim. Thank you, Dr. Marimer for your compassion, your presence and your time.


Maria Costa